An attempt at hand-crafting cups

Earlier this summer I bought a Groupon deal for a one-day ceramic hand-crafted cup workshop and I got it for more than half price – such a great bargain! The workshop was with Gina DeSantis Ceramics at the Screw Factory in Lakewood and not having touched clay in 4 months, I was looking forward to it all week.

I learned really quickly that hand-crafting is very different from wheel throwing, which has been my previous experience. Everything is in your control, as you mold and form the clay, trying to get it to submit to the vision you have in your head. The slightest bit of pressure leaves a fingerprint and for my unlearned hands, I found it a bit frustrating. It takes endless patience and I can’t say I was exceptionally great at it during my first attempt.

But it was also therapeutic, the soft, moist clay bending and shaping to my will between my hands. There is something inherently satisfying in creating something from nothing. Forming kneading, shaping with precision, it can become anything I wish it to be. Ah, the power of art… 🙂