My Office Sanctuary

When we first moved in to our new house in May, our office furniture was kind of thrown into its place and with everything else going on, it really hasn’t been touched since. So it’s look like this for the last 5 months:


Boring. Sad. Depressing. Something needed to be done.

These past 2-3 months have been so incredibly busy but wonderful for my budding photography hobby and I’ve been clocking many, many hours at this desk every night, trying to keep up with my own life. Last weekend my husband went out and splurged on me, purchasing us a new MacBook laptop. It’s such a sleek, fast, beautiful piece of machinery and it motivated me to get my “space” together. I actually already owned many of the things I am now using in my office, so it was just a matter of taking some time to get myself organized – and I love the way it turned out!

A couple of my favorite things: I created a Kate Spade-inspired scripture print and used a frame I already owned = a completely free wall print. I snagged the globe from Goodwill for $0.50 last winter and it’s sat in a box since then and I was excited to finally find a place for it. I also found a sugar jar on sale at Target for $3 with a cute tiny chalkboard label on it that I am using as a pencil holder. And of course, my favorite Greenroom notebooks that I take on every shoot with me.

Pretty, comfy, organized and inspiring 🙂

We also changed out the lighting in this room. As a general rule, our house had awful lighting in it. Everything was straight from 1980 and hadn’t been touched in 35 years. Burnt orange ceiling fans and old, dated fixtures. So it’s something we’ve slowly replaced throughout the house and it’s amazing what a HUGE difference good lighting makes in a room – it instantly looks modern and brand new! Our office used to be the old dining room but we converted another space in our home for that so this gaudy gold chandelier had to go. My bruised head thanks my husband for finally changing it out – we’ve bumped it so many time and we’ve sworn all summer it needed to go.

Bon voyage, gaudy 1980’s light with too many bulbs!