Can Pro-Life and Feminism Coexist?

On Monday, I posted on Facebook this article “Christian Women Taking Back ‘Feminism'” from the ChristianPost from a couple years ago, with my own comments: “The article is a bit old, but I like these terms… ‘a woman who is conservative and pro-life, who has a calling in the workplace, but who also embraces her role as a Christian wife and mother.'”

I had a friend on Facebook reply on my post who is clearly passionate about the feminist movement and we had a discussion about feminism and pro-life legislation. I appreciated her attempt at inclusivity and she even questioned what popular feminist activists would think about a pro-life feminist. I was left contemplating these things and I’d love to hear what other thinks about them as well.

Just a couple of my own thoughts…

I believe there is a huge gaping hole in feminism’s most basic fundamental principle that everyone is equal. I find it very difficult to reconcile feminism with anti-life legislation. Isn’t killing a person simply because he/she exists or is “inconvenient” something a feminist should be up in arms about? If a feminist truly believes that every human soul has the same value and worth, and they are fighting for true equality for all, they have to apply that belief to every human soul or else their fight (and logic) just does not make sense. It’s a phony facade they are hiding behind to achieve their own agendas. The stances they take on social issues are built around the belief that every human has the same value so it’s time for them to woman-up and stand true to this in every sense of the belief. Isn’t every human soul worth the same? Shouldn’t they be fighting for life?

This isn’t a self-righteous “Christian” fight and not once did I mention God, a Bible passage, or anything to do with my spirituality. Why? Because this goes way beyond being a Christian, Jewish or Agnostic; this goes right down to being a human and having a strong conviction about what we are worth.¬† There was no self-righteous judging involved; on the contrary, I wanted real answers to my questions and objections…and I got nothing.

As humans, we do not have the right to define what a human being is or measure their value (and the Supreme Court is included in this; they are humans, after all). It’s simply and truly not our right. Just because the Supreme Court decides something doesn’t mean we should accept it as a society. They’ve gotten plenty of things wrong – slavery was legal for over 100 years in America. Legality does not equate morality. I think it is pretty obvious where I am going with this and what pro-choice arguments sound dangerously similar to…I look back on our 18th century founders and how they proclaimed that a black African was of less value than a human being, justifying their enslavement. That was legal¬† for 100 or so years in America. Or Hitler’s judgment of the Jewish race’s value to be less than other humans and the execution of 6 million people at the hands of willing and eager people and governments.

And here we are, in this modern 21st century, doing the EXACT SAME THING to our most defenseless human beings. Labeling them as less-than-human, saying they have no value, creating a culture of death in America, executing 56 million humans. Valuing human life and protecting every person’s most absolute basic right to life trumps “choice” every single time and I feel like reversing legal murder of babies should be a feminist’s first and most important fight they take on! There is no equality in legal murder. It is not our place to de-value human worth and feminists need to do better than this.

I am fighting for pro-equality from conception to natural birth for every human soul. And yet there are feminists who are adamantly anti-life, which the exact opposite of equality. Feminist who celebrate the death of 56 million babies and wear it as a badge of honor. How could I stand behind a label, that as a whole, believes the exact opposite of the most foundational belief of equality?

So in answer to my question – can pro-life and feminism coexist? I feel being pro-life is the ONLY way feminism can exist without being a complete fraud. Either they believe every human soul has value, or they don’t. There’s no room for both.

So feminists, which way is it? I really and truly want an answer, if there even is one.