The Precious Feet Pin

Today I was on my way to Starbucks on lunch and I was behind a van with a bunch of bumper stickers on its trunk.

“Pray to end abortion.”

“Choose life. Your mother did.”

“Life is always worth defending.”

feetFor some reason a quick memory flashed in my head. It was Friday morning and I was in third grade at St. Vincent de Paul. We had just put hundreds of white crosses in our school’s front yard in memory of the millions of babies who never saw their own birthday. The Catholic Church has always fiercely defended life, from conception through natural birth and our school was extremely pro-life. Our whole school was celebrating mass together that morning and this mass was specifically offered up to end abortion. Ave Maria was being sung by our choir and the distinct organ tones are still in my head. I remember kneeling down and looking over at my teacher, who was maybe 7-8 month pregnant at the time. She had a little gold pin of 2 tiny feet on the collar of her dark green dress. Her hands were folded, her head bowed, and there were tears rolling down her cheeks.

I think that was the very first time I really understood how real abortion was. I was 8-years old. My teacher, a mother-to-be, weeping over all those babies and our whole school praying in unison to end abortion. That moment changed me and I was never the same.

I can’t even imagine what a scene like that would look like in today’s schools but it laid such a strong foundation in me for valuing life and this conviction has never left me. It’s an issue that is so strong and sure that has never been up for debate or wavered. It’s not political debate, it’s moral conviction. I can’t help but think what a different place our country would be if every kids grew up with these moral values deeply ingrained in them. We could change the nation. Bring America back to life. A Godly generation that would be a force to behold.

Then…when I became pregnant with my first, my mother-in-law passed along the same pin, this time a pair of silver feet. She had no idea the memory this tiny pin brought back and receiving it almost brought tears to my own eyes. My mother-in-law was given this pin when she first got married and wore the precious feet the whole time she was pregnant with my husband. So I wore them throughout my pregnancies with both of my children.

What a special memory they always remind me of and now a tradition I can pass to my daughter. Precious, indeed.


Life will never make sense.

I haven’t been completely oblivious that my tone over the past week or so has shifted and much of my posts have focused about abortion and my pro-life stances. Here’s why…

forgodI definitely would never call myself a political person, by any means. I usually leave that up to my twin sister, who is an attorney. She has always been the combative arguer who can tear your logic to pieces like a pit bull. Like most opposition, I never stand a chance against her. She can literally talk me into anything (and has done so, on occasion. Cleveland Marathon, anyone?). Me, I am usually the peace-keeper, the sensitive artsy one who regularly cries during every episode of “Parenthood” and just wants us all to get along.

I have come to realize…while I am passionate about the earth and protecting our environment and this has been much of my focus on this blog, it’s not everything to me. I love nature and appreciate the beneficial effects it has on us, and my family and I are continuously looking for ways to make changes in our lives to reflect this passion, to be more responsible consumers and focus on simple, healthy living and wellness. I enjoy sharing my discoveries and projects but all of this is just a lifestyle choice for me. It’s how I choose to live each day and this awareness affects our daily decisions and intentions. It’s not who I am.

Here’s the thing…the root of who I am is a Christian. But even more simplified, a believer in Jesus as my Savior, a man who loves me so much and so unconditionally that he died on a cross to save ME. It’s personal and intimate. It’s at the core of my being and the source of my identity. It’s the reason for my living and provides my life with purpose and meaning. Nothing else will ever make sense without this belief and everything I do is for the glory of God. This might label me as a “Jesus Freak” but that’s only because it makes others uncomfortable. But that doesn’t make any difference to me because it won’t change my ways or the fact that I have a voice. We are called to spread the Good News to the four corners of the earth and back and there’s nothing political about it.

Here’s the other thing…issues like abortion and defending murdered babies are NOT political, they’re moral. The act of killing a person is not a political issue you vote on every November or May. You may be thinking, there are so many injustices in this world, issues that need attention, people that need help…why abortion? I’ll tell you why: life.

Life is the most precious gift God gives each of us each new day and sweet BABIES are robbed of this. Babies who are defenseless, innocent souls and yet they are treated as disposable trash thrown in the dumpster. Abortion, by it’s very definition, is anti-life and is fighting to bring down the best blessing God has given us besides our salvation. People are so eager to scientifically degrade the miracle life into a clump of tissues or an inconvenient greedy parasite, but these man-made terms are created selfishly in vain and they don’t hold up in this world or the next. It is inarguably the biggest, most cruel crime against humanity. Literally nothing can be condemned if you are pro-baby-killing. Poverty? Slavery? Genocide? Literally nothing is wrong if killing an unborn child is right.

Now is not the time to be silent or embarrassed. God will ask me one day what I’ve done with my life and talents and I refuse to sit on the side lines of my own life watching years pass me by without at least trying to fight and be a voice.


The best way to celebrate a birthday is…

image…by celebrating the miracle life.

Today is my birthday and I spent the afternoon celebrating in the best way possible – at The Cleveland March for Life – standing up and being a voice for 54 million voiceless souls that will never see their own day of birth, let alone their first birthday. And giving thanks that today, my own mother chose life for me.

Over 500,000 pro-lifers will be gathering in Washington D.C. this week and today’s mini-gathering (there were maybe 100 of us) was small but mighty in heart. We gathered in Public Square outside of the Terminal Tower and had a beautiful prayer service and a couple of people spoke, including Ohio Congressman Lynch and State Representative Joyce. It was a powerful afternoon filled with hope and encouragement that prayer and action will bring about change in the future of America.

The best part of my time of our time downtown was how many people after the event asked me about my poster and shirt and what was going on in the square. It gave me opportunity to share our pro-life perspective and some scary facts about abortion across the country. One guy told me, just for the record, that he loves babies and is pro-life then proceeded to give me a high five. Total awesomeness.

Like I said…the best way to celebrate a birthday.

P.S. – I’m so excited, I just have to share…my husband got me the most perfect gift: a 5-week pottery wheel art class in Cleveland. I am constantly amazed by his thoughtfulness! Love.