While I was pregnant last summer, I become very conscious of what I was putting into my body, knowing my growing baby directly consumed what I consumed. Organic, fresh, whole, all-natural, organic cottons, recycled – these became a sort of obsession for me as I tried my hardest to give Baby and myself the very best I could. My general interest for our environment quickly turned into a passion for me.

As a new mother, the condition of our planet, the way we treat the wonderful nature God has blessed us with became a serious concern for me. If I wanted to give Baby the very best I could, didn’t that also mean securing the best world I can for her to grow up in? I want her to be able to enjoy our Metroparks, hike the Rocky Mountains, visit Niagara Falls, take her kids to swim in a clean Lake Erie.

What can I do about this to guarantee my children a clean, beautiful world? I am only one person in a world of 7 billion, but I knew it was important enough to me to try. At the very least, I had to do my own personal part at home, to contribute and change my own habits and get involved.

This blog is a place to share my stories, experiences and great resources I come across. It is my own personal journey to live in harmony with nature and live a simpler life.

Live green, love green,


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