Hello there! My name is Katherine and welcome to my online journal.

I have been writing on this blog since 2009 and my goal is to create a wholesome, God-centered home for my family that is focused on simple, mindful and sustainable living.

8 Bits of Me

  1. Believer in Jesus the Messiah, the lover of my soul
  2. Married to my best friend, life partner and confidant
  3. Have the greatest job & calling in the world as a mama to 2
  4. Passionate about art, creativity and photography
  5. Inspired by love – “We love because He loved us first.”
  6. Tree hugger, veggie lover and environment advocate
  7. Die-hard but sometimes bitter Cleveland sports fan
  8. Working on letting go of perfect & creating a simple life

Letting Go & Letting God

hatI have come to realize over my journey these past few years that, while I am so passionate about the earth and protecting our environment and this has been much of my focus on this blog, it’s not everything to me.

I love nature, being outdoors and I truly appreciate the beneficial effects it has on us. My family and I are continuously looking for ways to make changes in our lives to reflect this passion, to be more responsible consumers and focus on simple, healthy living and wellness. I enjoy sharing my discoveries and projects on this blog because it’s how I choose to live each day and this awareness affects our daily decisions and intentions. But, make no mistake…it’s not who I am.

All you really need to know about me is the root of who I am is a Christian. But even more simplified, a believer in Jesus as my Savior, a man who loves me so much and so unconditionally that he died on a cross to save ME. It’s personal and intimate. It’s at the core of my being and the source of my identity. It’s the reason for my living and provides my life with purpose and meaning. Nothing else will ever make sense without this belief and everything I do is for the glory of God.

This blog is a place to share my stories and faith, my experiences and useful resources I come across. It is my own personal journey to honor God and live a simpler, mindful life.

Love is the reason I write. Love of God, love of my family, love of others and love of this earth. Thanks for stopping by!

God bless & much love,


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Very well said, Katherine. I understand where you are coming from. This is my first visit to your blog. You visited mine a few days ago and liked a post about fall colors. I suspect you found my blog, http://www.LifeInLorain.wordpress.com because some of my recent posts were tagged metro parks.

    You wrote, “want her to be able to enjoy our Metroparks…” among other beatiful place in our world. I couldn’t agree more. I wrote a poem for Earth Day which Yahoo published. It is a bit dark, but you might enjoy it. Here is the link: http://voices.yahoo.com/mother-earth-11234234.html
    You’ll need to copy it and post it in your browser as posts do not generally support links.

    Anyway, I stopped by to check out “A Simple Life” and I found your blog refreshing and interesting. Keep writing, posting, and staying creative. It’s a great way to live. –Mark E. Schrull–

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