Sanctity vs. Quality of Life

“This isn’t just a Christian concept. It is the concept on which western civilization rests. Every noble ideal — justice, fairness, equity, compassion, charity — all of it, all of it, is grounded in the notion that life, human life, has intrinsic value. Not value according to its usefulness, or value according to convenience, or value according to how enjoyable it is. Value. Life is valuable because it is life. If you deny this, then you deny everything. There is no reason for justice, fairness, equity, compassion, or charity if human life has no value, or merely a value contingent upon whatever parameters we’ve arbitrarily assigned. ” –Matt Walsh

Euthanasia is being glorified nationally as brave and heroic. A mother’s letter to her unborn baby about his abortion being praised as heartwarming. Where are we at, America?

Right now, we are in the middle of a campaign of prayer, fasting and education known as 40 Days For Life across the country and I can’t help but think about the Sanctity of Life and how far from this moral standard we have digressed.

A person’s “quality of life” does not define their life’s value or worth. The whole quality of life concept is a man-made definition of a person’s ability to live a happy, healthy, productive life, free of suffering and any bad consequences. Life is for living, they say, and if you can’t live any more, then find a way out. It’s an arbitrary value that is not grounded on any moral code. Why does man get to decide who’s life is worth living and who would be better off dead? The right to life covers every human being, from conception to natural death, and it absolutely trumps every other constitutional right our man-made American government grants us.

An unwanted baby? Abort it.
A baby born with a severe handicap? Infanticide.
A woman with terminal cancer? Commit suicide.
An elderly man with Alzheimer’s? Euthanize.

People want true equality? Here it is: every human soul is worth the same. Equality, in definition, means sameness. A baby who is 8 weeks old in the womb has the same exact worth as the high-powered executive making millions. An elderly women who is blind and has on-set dementia (like my 90-year old Grandma) has the same worth as a healthy, stay-at-home mother of 3 children. True equality’s most foundational belief is we all have the same value in this world and life is the most valuable thing a human being has because it is just that: human life. Our personal value is not determined by how good of a life we are living; it goes way, way beyond that. The Santicty of Life promises us so much more than that. We are sacred beings because we are created in God’s own image. There are pieces in our souls that reflect God into this world.

We are not animals to be put down or put out of our misery when we become a burden or face suffering. We are human beings with souls who are highly intelligent, deep feeling, rational beings. We touch people by being here. Our lives matter, our suffering and dying matter. It transforms those around us, make us live better lives after someone is gone. A life that we will only have once and never again.

“I pray my words reach the multitudes that are looking at your story and believing the lie that suffering is a mistake, that dying isn’t to be braved, that choosing our death is the courageous story. No – hastening death was never what God intended. But in our dying, He does meet us with His beautiful grace.” –Kara Tippett

We need to honor each person as worthy of dignity and respect simply because they are created in God’s image. We need to be their voice when they can’t find their own and surround them with support. It is important to try to understand the emotional state of people seeking an abortion, deciding to commit suicide or be euthanized. Instead of judging and condemning them, we need to provide compassion, support and most importantly, Christ’s unending, merciful love.

WATCH: The Dignity of Human Life


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