Shooting my first wedding (with a camera)!

I had an incredible “first” this weekend – I photographed my very first wedding!

When I first got asked to do this event in July, I was extremely hesitant. I’m not a wedding photographer and I’ve never really wanted to be either. I don’t have all the fancy lighting and flashes and I’m a one-man show. But she was insistent that she loved my work (that always feels great) and so I agreed…and I was a bundle of nerves all last week.

Luckily, it took place at the Palace Theater, my very first job in high school where I worked for 5 years, so I knew the venue like the back of my hand. The Palace Theater is an old, beautiful historical theater and the couple played up the Love Story theme – it was absolutely adorable! The marquee was lite up with their names and the favors where popcorn treats.

I enticed my sister to be my unofficial assistant for the day and I’m so glad she offered up 7 hours of her Saturday to help me because I CANNOT imagine doing that by myself. Although she has no photography experience, just having her next to me is always enough to calm my nerves.  I’m sorting through the 3,700 pictures we took that day to find the best of the best and I cannot wait to share the results. I can’t say I’m going to be putting great effort into breaking through into the wedding industry anytime soon, but it was such a great experience for my photography skills to have under my belt and in my portfolio!

Stay tuned for some sneak peeks… 🙂



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