My Photography: Letting God Take the Lead

I updated my portfolio last night and I had a moment that overcame me; I was completely overwhelmed and humbled. All those pictures staring back at me – old friends, family members, loved ones and new acquaintances – that have invited me in to their private lives to capture moments that are important and intimate to them. How has this happened?

When I started my photography years ago, I never set out to do this specifically. It was simply a creative outlet that I enjoyed and seemed to sort of have a knack for. I’ve struggled this past year figuring out its place in my life and I’ve given up trying to work it out. I decided that every snap I take, I’ll just offer it up to God and let Him decide where to take me. I have always wanted to find a way to give back to people that I am passionate about…and I have discovered that I truly enjoy giving this gift to my clients and help them capture the moments that mean the most to them. There is so much joy sharing in their joy! This is one thing in my life that I have truly let God take the lead on and it has taken on a wonderful life of its own. That tends to happen when God has control and I’m trusting His plan for me completely.

Then I look to a full calendar ahead and there is still so much more to come in this new season. How lucky am I? Seriously, what an amazing and totally unexpected blessing this has been and I am incredibly thankful for its presence in my life. So for now, I’m just going to keep moving forward and enjoy every shoot I do and photograph I snap.



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