Our Great Lake

Last week while we were on our vacation, my husband made an off-hand, wistful comment of, “Why don’t we move up here and live on the lake?” I agreed with him – how great would that be? Then I remembered that we literally live 3 minutes from our very own lake. Hm.

Why was that so easy to forget?

As kids, my mom took us to the lake all the time. She grew-up in Lorain and the lake was like her backyard. Sure, we never belonged to a fancy yacht club or owned a million-dollar lakeside mansion. But did we need to?  We visited Put-In-Bay, camped on Kelly’s Island, ate icecream at Huntington and watched 4th of July fireworks at Lakeview. It’s easy to be a  negative-nancy and talk about how dirty, murky and contaminated our lake is, but where is all our pride? It’s great to see so much effort and love going into cherishing our lake, protecting its ecosystem, clearing out the litter and garbage…and I think the time for a lake revival is here!

The water isn’t always bluer on another lake

So thinking about how much we take Lake Erie for granted, I made a promise to enjoy our own beautiful Great Lake more fully and thoroughly. This doesn’t have to mean buying a big yacht and traveling the seas but just delighting in the fact that we have one of God’s great lakes right here in Northeast Ohio.

Yes, summer is coming to an end but we didn’t let that stop us. Today we spent our morning in Vermilion at the Main Street Beach. We had the beach to ourselves and we collected rocks and played in the sand. The sun was shining and all was right in our piece of the world.


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