Tiny feet are my favorite

Baby’s precious, tiny feet make me happy and I love photographing them!

I’m going to one day miss the pitter-patter of little feet slapping against our wood floors as my kids run about the house. I’m going to miss the first wobbly steps they take on these little feet of theirs, so unsure of themselves but so determined to just…go. Their Frankenstein-like walking, unbalanced but happy they are finally moving. I’m going to miss all the tiny socks that never seem to match each other after the laundry is done. Where do all these socks go? I am going to miss their smooth, chubby feet, not yet roughened from the earth, thick, pink and perfect.

Have I mentioned how much I love babies??

Happy Monday, wherever your feet may carry you today 🙂

For more of my photography work, please visit: www.KSmithPhotographs.com


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