My Pro-Life Ice Bucket Challenge

I knew this day would inevitably come – I finally got nominated to do the ALS Bucket Challenge by my brother-in-law today.  I’ve seen video after video fill up my Facebook news feed and requests to donate to the cause ( I’ve also seen people actually grumble about the videos clogging up with their feeds that would normally be filled with complaints, negativity, celebrity nonsense, selfies, and clutter and noise. I love that this has gone viral and brought so much attention and money to actually HELPING people who really and truly need it.

I’ll admit, I know very little about ALS (or commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and I can’t even begin to empathize with the people who suffer from it or the caretakers who lovingly support and care for these people around the clock. I won’t even pretend to be an expert or say I’ve given this disease much thought before this campaign started. So naturally, I wanted to investigate into what I’m exactly donating towards and see where all this campaign’s success was going.

Unfortunately, the answer wasn’t one I could stand behind.

I’ve never been the silent type when it comes to my faith and it’s no secret that I’m adamantly pro-life so this ALS bucket challenge is no different for me. In 2013, contributed over $500,000 to NEALS (Northeast ALS Consortium) and I’m sure that dollar amount will be much higher with all their fundraising success this year.

Here’s where the problem for me lies – NEALS conducts embryonic stem cell research on electively aborted babies past the 8-week pregnancy mark. Research on aborted babies. It actually made me sick to my stomach when I read this. All those unwanted babies, not only treated like disposable garbage by their own mothers but then passed along to be dissected and experimented on without their own consent. All those precious tiny toes and little  fingers, kissable chubby cheeks and bubbly giggles, small hearts that will never beat in this world and curious eyes that will never see their mother’s face. Not okay.

JP2Instead, my donation for ALS will be going towards John Paul II Medical Research Institute, an organization that is dedicated to pro-life ethical research for ALS and many other neurological diseases. People like this are the reasons we are doing this and the reason why research is so important – this is a deadly, scary disease and it affects real people.

But I urge you, no matter where your donations dollar goes, to investigate how and where your money is being used and make sure it aligns with your own beliefs. Don’t donate just to donate but put your dollar into something you truly believe in. For me, it’ll always be LIFE.

Without further ado, here’s my video 🙂



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