Cozi: our new Family Organizer

Do you ever have one of those moments when you look at your calendar and just feel overwhelmed? Heavy? Disorganized?

I went through that over the weekend when I was single-moming it, had 2 photo shoots, my husband traveling, a project due for my childhood church…and my laptop completely crashed. So  I decided to take control over our family’s schedule because being disorganized is a feeling I am not use to and is highly avoidable.

My husband travels somewhat often for work, usually 2-3 a month or more but never regularly or consistently so I have problems keeping track of his schedule. Fall gymnastics, swimming and story times for the kids are starting back up and I am scheduling photo shoots through the end of the fall season already – so many wonderful blessings in our lives! But so many things to keep track of…

Problem solved!

My husband and I downloaded a shared family organizer/calendar app called Cozi and we paid the extra $29 for the yearly subscription because the extra “Gold” features are worth it for us and I hate all the pop-up ads that kept appearing with the free version.

We haven’t delved into all the detail too much and I’m sure there are so many calendars out there that do the same things, but we had to just pick one. I already love that we are able to create users for each family member (including our pup!) and color code our calendar depending on who’s event it is. It makes it easy to read and see what exactly is going on and reminders can be sent to any of the users so nothing is ever forgotten. As my husband makes changes to his calendar, I am able to see the updates in real-time on my calendar. There are also to-do lists for my ever-turning brain and a grocery list which is so convenient when one of us is doing the shopping.

With the month of September pretty much booked up with a vacation, work trips, photo shoots, weddings and classes, we will be putting Cozi through the test for sure.

Let’s do this!


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