The Beast that is My Hair

Haircuts are one of my favorite things. The pampering, washing, combing, trimming off old dead ends – I love it and I always look forward to it. I really want to get my hair cut now but I’m never sure of what to do to it exactly.

I have such a love-hate relationship with my hair because really does have a mind of its own. I love how thick and full it is, and yet I hate how thick and full it is. Sometimes I love my big, unruly hair and other times I just want it to be easy and quick. My hair is more like a mane and actually doing my hair is never quick because there’s just so much of it. But I can usually can do anything I want it to – it holds a curls nicely and I can manage to straighten it every once in a great while.

And then I throw the whole being-a-mom thing into the mix, which means 5 days out of my week, I’m in a simple tee and worn-in jeans, sometimes with my hair in a bun, sometimes hiding it under a hat. I don’t have a lot of time (or energy) to devote to making my hair perfect every morning, nor do I even care to.

My main problem is I haven’t really found the “perfect” length or style for it. I never know whether, having so much hair, if it’s better to keep it long or just chop it all off. When it’s short, it’s so full and fluffy that I feel like it looks like a mushroom. When it’s long it’s so unmanageable and I just keep it in a ponytail the whole time. I’m usually somewhere in the middle, but I get bored so easily with it. I’m pretty sure I’ve been every color under the moon although I’ve been my natural blonde for some time now.

I have had my hair really, really short.

I have had my hair really, really long.

And most of the time, I usually wear it somewhere in between.

When it air dries, it’s naturally very wavy, like this:

What I wouldn’t give to have a personal hairdresser just do my hair each day…

Thoughts? Ideas? Help!!!!

Ah well…maybe I’ll just pull a Britney and buzz it all off.


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