Celebrate Freedom

Whew. What a weekend that was! With the 4th of July being on Friday, my husband took off Thursday as well to have an extra-long weekend and I don’t think we could have fit one more thing into it.

We started the holiday weekend off with our kids’ first fireworks experience Wednesday night in Oberlin and they were fascinated. I have never seen them sit so still for 20 straight minutes. Ever. It ended up being much later than I thought and I remembered quickly why we hadn’t done it before this year with them. We spent Thursday at Castaway Bay, an indoor water park in Sandusky. We had received 2 free tickets from a Lake Erie Monsters’ hockey game this winter and with my son being a free ticket, it was a low-cost, fun-filled adventure. My daughter loooooves the water and was pretty much in heaven the whole day. She had all of our bags packed and swim suits out the night before.

Friday we had 2 picnics to go to, along with visiting with out-of-town family from Denver. Saturday was my high school reunion and it is always great catching up with old classmates. It’s funny because I feel like we are all so grown-up and have come so far with our schooling, careers and families, yet we are all exactly the same. It was my husband’s and mine first evening out together past 9pm in I don’t know how long (over a year, perhaps?). Both kids were asleep we when came home, so I consider that a successful night away.

We closed up the weekend yesterday with the annual “Celebrate Freedom” worship service with all of our fellow Amherst churches at the high school football stadium. Our worship band led the service and I love the fact that all the churches (5 or 6, maybe) in our small town came together as One Church to worship our Lord and Savior. We went to the Indian’s baseball game in the afternoon downtown Cleveland. My kids got my husband the tickets for Father’s Day and we could not have asked for a better afternoon out. The weather was perfect and we saw two home runs in the 6 innings that we actually made it through. My daughter was disappointed she didn’t catch a foul ball but she tore up our bag of peanuts.


Needless to say, after dinner and baths, my kids slept like rocks last night.


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