Cedar Point’s Half Marathon

I officially have another half marathon under my running shoes. Yesterday my sister and I ran the Cedar Point 1st Annual “Run & Ride Half Marathon” in Sandusky and it was….challenging. And I can’t exactly say I had a fun time.

Coming off the Cleveland Marathon, I was on a running high. Over 30,000 people running, the city was buzzing. There was live music and cheering fans lined up pretty much every step of the way. When I sprinted across the finish line doing a 9:06 pace on my 12th mile, I felt like I was in the Olympics. So. Good.

Yesterday was a different story. It was hot. And muggy. It was definitely a small race with maybe 1600 runners total and hardly any fans encouraging us on the way (that makes such a huge difference!). There were lake bugs everywhere and the route took us through miles of industrial parkways in the blaring sun. I didn’t have enough to eat for breakfast, leaving me queasy and light-headed and I was so thirsty for the entire 2 hours. And I was trying to reach a personal record with this race, which I did. But it was a challenging race and I really pushed myself.

I finished with at a 9:34/per mile pace, shaving 0:23 seconds per mile off my Cleveland time in just 5 weeks of extra training! I was beyond ecstatic with that time, although I am paying for it even today. I told my sister that I think I’m done racing for the summer and after this race, I’m definitely NOT doing a marathon, although I plan on training with her to keep up my fitness level. I have the Akron Half Marathon in sight, which isn’t until the end of September. I feel accomplished with what I did yesterday and it was a great close to a spring full of running and training.

But for now, back to leisure runs and mostly enjoying the rest of my summer with the family!



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