What is God blessing?

Don’t ask God to bless the things we want to do.
Just do the things He is already blessing.

Up unto maybe a year or so ago, I had big plans for myself. Things I wanted to do professionally and personally, opportunities I pursued that felt right at the time but ended up going nowhere. I had my hopes up so high and I was devastated when my plans were silenced. For the first time in my life, I felt a bit lost. Like I was in a rut and wasn’t sure how to dig myself out of it.

I think many people can easily slip into this same attitude, where the mundane every day life leaves you feeling like you should be doing something more. Like your own life is passing you by without being an active part in it. Like there’s something great waiting out there for you and you just need to figure out what it is and how to reach it.

I realized three important things that have changed my perspective:

  1. God is on my side. He is for ME. I have said this many times before…I’m not big into the whole destiny/fate concept but I believe that God has a very specific plan for my life. Truly, a real, actual plan. He is working on me everyday, molding me, pursuing me, romancing me. If God – Lord of all –  is for ME, who can stand against me? I have such confidence walking through life knowing He is on my side and it makes the every day little things seem so beautiful and alive.
  2. I can give glory to God through the everyday things. Not everyone is meant to live this exciting, jet-setting life and honestly, it doesn’t matter how much money I make or if I am the President of the U.S. or a McDonald’s cashier. There are many ways to give glory to God, no matter where I am in life. Really and truly. Now I go to work with with a whole new attitude of appreciation and just pure gratitude. I get to wake up and spend the better part of my days raising my kids and my family is the very most important thing to me, besides my faith. Something greater? What is greater than tucking in my kids into bed every night? How can I complain? Why spend a single second more being miserable?
  3. Don’t ignore my God-given talents. God gives each us very specific talents and gifts that are wasted if we don’t use them. A year or two ago, I tried my hardest to break through a new opportunity and every avenue I pursued to reach this dream was shut down on me. It was my plan, my hopes, my pursuit and it got me nowhere. So when doors are clearly shutting in my face, I know He is there redirecting me. God has placed certain passions and talents in me and I am learning to find His voice and pursue what He places in my heart. A huge challenge of this desire to let Him lead is also knowing when to say yes to Him, here I am Lord.

Which all brings me back to one of my favorite quotes: Don’t ask God to bless the things we want to do. Just do the things He is already blessing. Why have I been so insistent on “finding my calling” and “living out my passions” and “pursuing my dream job”? Why do I push, push push for what I want and what I think is right for me? When I take a step back and look around me, there are areas of my life He is clearly leading me to, so why not pursue these blessing whole-heartedly instead of trying to create my own?

I am waiting, listening and letting Him pull me in whatever direction He wants and it’s working.

He’s working.

And I have never felt more at peace with where I am at.


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