Kitchen Renovations: Complete

Remember when we first bought our house back in December and our kitchen looked like this?
kitchenoldDark cabinets, out-dated counters, and that horrific striped wallpaper? Peach kitchen sink and old linoleum tile? I knew this was going to be the one area of our house that would need our most attention.

Then it looked like this.

kitchen-demoThis was mid-March, when I thought we were never moving in. It’s completely demolished, we pretty much all but gutted the thing. I have never been more anxious that the vision in my head would never reach fruition. I had a lot riding on my little plan and it took so much of our energy (and money). I vowed right then to never take on another renovation project in my life.

But now, our kitchen looks like this. And it makes me smile every time I walk into it.

ktichen-newThis french blue paint is my absolute favorite color in my entire house. The farmhouse basin sink was a huge gamble because my dad had to custom cut into our cabinetry and build this whole bracing system for it. And the recycled class counters are the shiny stars on top of a lot of hard work. But I love the way it turned out and I am looking forward to cooking many family dinners here!



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