Happiness Apart from God

happiness“Happy are those whose hope is in the Lord their God.”–Psalm 146:5

Happiness. What a loaded word that is thrown out there so casually and commonly. Where do you even begin to look for happiness? We are all searching for something in life – for contentment, love, fulfillment…and most of all, people naturally just want to be happy.

Sadly, we live in a country with broken families, unhealthy bodies, lost souls and crushed spirits and the priorities of the world, the media, Hollywood, reality shows, etc. have become the priorities of people. They are telling us we need to live like them to be happy. But here’s the thing about worldly happiness – it is fleeting. It is always fleeting. You may think that new purse or designer shoes or a better boyfriend or a different career or a bigger house will finally give you happiness in your life but those things are empty. These are shallow, materialistic priorities of the world that will leave you searching for more. Or maybe you’ve turned to a self-loving, self-centered life where you think doing the things that you love, spending time and money on you, raising yourself up for your own dreams will finally give you the happiness you deserve. The “you” may be exactly where your unhappiness lies.

“You can’t fully enjoy creation without enjoying the Creator.”

Here’s the thing…God alone can provide true, everlasting happiness to your life. Seriously. Think about it. Who can possibly love you more than the One who created you? The God who breathed the stars into existence sky is the same God who breathed life into your lungs. He knows every corner of your heart, hears every thought in your brain and counts every hair on your head. He loves us with an unconditional, selfless, forever love that we can’t possibly begin to comprehend. He wants us to be happy, to lead fulfilling, fruitful lives. He is on our side if we invite Him into our lives to stay and God NEVER fails. Ever. Can you name one time in the last 3,000 years that God has broken a promise to anyone? Never.

We will all leave this world one day and the second we die, we cannot take one single worldly thing with us. So why, then, do we invest so much of our energy, money and heart on things that do not matter? There has to come a point in everyone’s life where we let go of control, a huge challenge that I’ve struggled with. I used to love control, love knowing exactly what will happen, having everything perfectly tied up with a neat bow. I had all these plans and dreams for how my life should look. But God looked at my plans, laughed and said, No, daughter of mine. I am the one who created you so how can you possibly know what my plans are for your life?

We are each designed for a specific purpose in our lives. Literally, God has a very detailed outline of what His plans are for each and every one of our lives. So only when we truly leave things up to God – and trust He will lead our lives – will we find the life of happiness that we’ve always imagined.

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