Settling in and filling up

It’s officially been 2 weeks since we’ve moved into our newly renovated home and it’s been wonderful. We have been slowly getting our days back into a routine and I’ve tried to keep things as normal as possible. Memorial Day weekend was our first real weekend there and I vowed to not lift a finger, open a paint can, move a box or fold any clothes. Glorious. It’s been beautiful, gorgeous weather and we’ve filled our days with adventures to the Memphis Kiddie Park, the Cleveland Zoo, farmer markets, greenhouses, long park walks, plenty of ice cream visits, cookouts and graduation parties.

I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders – the one that forced us to be there every single weekend since Christmas, every evening when our kids went to bed since March. I feel like we can finally breathe and enjoy this beautiful summer God has given us these past 10 days. My kids are spreading their wings, exploring the house and yard, filling up every spare inch of space with toys, art, messes and chaos – love. And surprisingly, they have been sleeping like rock stars through the night, each in their own beds but just a rare night here or there. Even my Remy baby is getting along just fine (who am I kidding, he’s a spoiled rotten pup who is living things up right now!). I’m pretty sure he is in puppy heaven with our family and has the run of the house.

One of my favorite parts about this house – the lush landscaping! Our last house was brand new and we struggled to fill in our plants and vegetation and most of ours is now mature and just lovely. Besides weeding a few beds, not much needed to be done.

P.S. – I’m still working on hanging curtains and pictures (and doors and lighting and…haha) so stay tuned for Before & After photographs really soon!


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