Simple isn’t perfection.

I’m all for a simple home, but I’ve learned simple doesn’t require perfection. There is nothing perfect about our home, even through all the renovations and new updates. At first, I was really frustrated with this and the inner-perfectionist in me couldn’t stand that fact that our painting wasn’t perfect. Or that I got a bit of paint on the fireplace brick and the kitchen cabinets aren’t absolutely perfect. Or that the doors aren’t finished and the lighting needs to be replaced. Or that the gardens need weeded and the bathtub is still an ugly taupe color.

I literally wanted everything just right before we even moved in – but I have a feeling that day would never come because that such an unrealistic expectation.

Then I was just looking back at the “before” pictures of our house from 4 months ago and remembered the long, hard journey we’ve taken to get to this point. And I couldn’t be more proud of our not-so-perfect house. And as my dad told me this weekend, “An imperfect house is perfect for kids.” He couldn’t have been more right. This is the perfect family home that can get messy and crazy and I know that is exactly the way it’s suppose to be without worrying about destroying every little “perfect” thing.

Late night work session at the house - at least I had good company.

Late night work session at the house – at least I had good company.

So. You. Guys.

This is it. These next two weeks are the culmination of hours and hours of labor, effort and lots of elbow grease. Our wood floors are being installed TODAY. Our kitchen is being put back to together this weekend. Our couch is being delivered on Saturday and my dining chandelier comes in next Tuesday. Our counters are being installed next Thursday and the bedroom carpet is coming next Friday. Our appliances are coming next Saturday and that is moving day. I have a big fat red circle on my calendar for next weekend and I cannot be more excited. This is real and it is finally happening.

Moving weekend is also the weekend of my 1/2-Marathon and I just want the whole 3 days to be over. Because that means I can literally do NOTHING. I am looking forward to no obligations, even though I already have a list a mile long of things we didn’t get to but still need to be done once we move it. But forget that list for just a week – I can wake up, drink my hot tea in my sunroom, watch my kids sleeping in their own beds in their own rooms and cook breakfast on my own stove.

It’s been six months of living with family (which has been so wonderful) out of 2 bedrooms for a family of 4 and a dog. I am ready to breathe. I am ready to think about something OTHER than my house. I am ready to wake up on any given weekend and not put on my paint clothes or stop at Lowe’s. I am ready to clean out my storage units and get our lives re-organized.

It will be glorious.

PS – I’m already anxious to get the house after work to see the progress on the wood floors – we picked a handscraped antique bamboo hardwood and I hope it’s as awesome as I envisioned in my head!


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