Puppy Love: Remy

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

As if we need to add anything else to our lives at the moment, we decided to adopt a dog. As in, a real live animal. If you know me, this is a huge step. Of course, it was my idea to begin with and my husband would basically do anything for me, so now we have a dog.

resuceThis little guy is Remy (short for Rembrandt, the Dutch painter – I’m such an art nerd). Remy is an 11-month old Maltese-Shih Tzu mix who we rescued from a lady who was in over her head with being a single mom to 6 foster kids. Remy was basically living alone on her basement floor and although the situation wasn’t abusive, there was maybe a bit of neglect towards him. He is normally a long-haired dog but came to us with all kinds of matted knots and dreads so we had to shave him down. He is 98% house trained and I can tell he’s been raised around children because he’s really great with our kids.

He is, however, not great with other dogs, including my sister’s sweet, playful, energetic 4-month-old cockapoo Gatsby. Remy is older and a bit more relaxed and probably wasn’t properly socialized around other dogs. It’s a problem but we are slowly working on Remy’s immediate reaction that Gatsby’s puppy play is a vicious attack.

Even though we brought him home, I considered us at first more like foster parents, getting him back to health and maybe finding a better home for him, rather than returning him to where he came from. Anywhere is better than where he came from. But…Remy is really growing on me because he’s such a great dog so now I’m thinking we’ll keep him for ourselves. I need to give him time to build a connection, create trust and let his personality start coming through.

After just one week at home with us, Remy is really adjusting beautifully and my kids adore him!


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