Playing in the mud.

Hello again!

This spring has literally been one big blur of new house work, growing with my kids and lots of traveling by my husband. As when I last checked-in on my blog, things haven’t slowed down one bit but I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. We do have a move-in date circled on our calendar…May 10th (with the 17th being a back-up) if everything stays on schedule. We are on the home-stretch now and I’m sure my sister and brother-in-law are looking forward to having their house back to themselves. I’m SO looking forwarded to being settled and just having my weekends and evening to ourselves again without worrying about plaster, painting, demolition and shopping for flooring, appliances, counters, etc. All just in time for summer and the good weather!

One of my favorite things I did over the course of the past few months was take a pottery wheel throwing class in Cleveland. My husband bought me the class for my birthday and I have to say, I fell completely in love with the entire process! It was a 6-week intro class at the Art House and it covered the basics of wheel throwing, centering clay, making a basic vessel, firing, trimming and glazing. Ceramics is one course that I always wanted to take but my college didn’t offer it in the studio art program so it was something I had no prior experience with.

I can’t say I am making anything that won’t get thrown into a box in the attic, but I intend on taking a second round of classes later this spring to continue this hobby and hone my new-found skills. There’s something raw and real about getting my hands muddy in the clay and literally shaping it into whatever my brain (and hands) can imagine. I’m very much one of those people that needs something creative to work on or else I’m anxious and a bit stir-crazy and this was such a great experience.



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