Lesson: I am not Superwoman

superman-I have no special super human powers or abilities. Just like everyone else, I get the same amount of seconds, minutes and hours in my day, no matter who I am or where I live. Being a stay-at-home mama with a part-time job and renovating a house, my hours tend to fly by here lately. I am always busy…and I am always tired. Even the 2-hours of quiet napping in the afternoons are filled with laundry, dinner preparations, cleaning, house planning, contractors, organizing and gearing up for the evening. I find little time to myself, as any mother can relate to, and the hour or so I do have eventually at the end of my day, I’m just plain out exhausted.

I have come to the realization this past few weeks that I cannot do everything. There are so many things I enjoy or am interested in but I cannot help everyone, be everywhere, research, write, create, photograph, read, relax, exercise, work…and still be the mother that I want to be. It’s just not possible.

Here’s the thing…how I use my rare, precious minutes of free time and left-over energy need to be spent mindfully and with purpose. As my ever-wise husband pointed out to me this week – it feels like nothing has my full attention or my full dedication and I am giving only 70% of my focus to most things – not a good way to go through life. There are some hobbies I very much enjoy doing but they are just that, hobbies. It’s impossible to be good at everything but I want to spend some time being excellent at one thing.

This blog has been such a blessing in my life but honestly, it is also a time-consuming project with many hours and energy going into content generation.  My subject matters tend to be all over the place (which really is a true reflection of my life!). It’s time for me to simplify my life even further and this is one area that does consume much of my leisure time.

With all of this in mind, you may notice a small hiatus from my to recharge my battery and stay focused on my goals. I have done some soul-searching, praying and consulting with my loved ones on my thoughts, plans and goals and I decided to give my ideas my all – as  in, all my free time and extra energy. So I recently took down my main website and I am re-focusing my energy on passion and choosing my commitments with purpose.

Stay tuned for exciting things in store…much love, friends!


3 thoughts on “Lesson: I am not Superwoman

  1. I love your blog but I love you more! You need you time 🙂 Editing your life like you did your house can only lead to greater things, whatever those things need to be for you. xoxo

    • Thank you friend! There is only so much time to be lived and I need to prioritize and simplify the things in my life to make time for what matters most to me. The adventure of figuring that out is half the fun, I suppose 🙂

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