Let’s talk about rights for a minute.

“I didn’t want to be pro-life. But this isn’t a women’s rights issues but a human rights issue.” –Kathy Ireland

Women’s rights. Feminism. Pro-choice. Reproductive rights. These are the main fuel for the fire for pro-abortion advocates. It’s their right to choose. The government shouldn’t interfere with their reproductive rights. No one should force a woman to have a baby. No one should tell women how to live their lives.

The Monument of the Unborn Child

The Monument of the Unborn Child

I am no lawyer or Constitutional expert, but here’s the thing…I’m sure pretty much every person who engages in sexual activities knows that conceiving a baby is a very plausible conclusion to their actions – our government-approved public school sex education at tender young ages has made sure of this. The government certainly isn’t in their bedroom when they make this deliberate decision and they clearly have the right to do as they please.

But people, I feel like this is so obvious…there are real consequences to our actions. Pretty much every decision we make every single day we live yields a consequence, big or small. We have become such a disposable society that wants to avoid any inconvenient consequences or responsibility to our own actions just so we can go on living as we please, answering to no one but ourselves. We have no accountability anymore and we are trying to make ourselves less accountable, if that is even possible. Our society is morally self-destructing  and the baby is treated accordingly as disposable trash.

Pro-choicers seem to mistakenly think the only rights that matter across the board are the woman’s but there are two other people involved: the father and that tiny little baby. Where are the father’s reproductive rights in all of this? Do his not matter at all? Has he no say in his own child’s life?

I am all for helping women and garnering equal rights for us, but I just don’t see abortion as helping women. It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s destructive and detrimental to our most primal natural instincts of protecting our offspring. Making the decision to kill their own unborn child leaves dark stains on the hearts and souls of these women that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.   And much like Kathy Ireland, who calls abortion a human rights issue, this goes way beyond women’s rights. From the exact moment of conception, there is a soul, a human life, inside a woman’s uterus and that little human DOES have rights. It is alive. It has a heart beat and its own set of DNA, unique only to that little human, never to be repeated again.

This little human’s fundamental right to life transcends any other rights a woman thinks she has because there is another person’s life at stake here. How can a pro-choicer cry out about violating a woman’s reproductive right while it is violently violating another person’s most basic and God-granted right to a life in this world? At what point in this baby’s life do his rights matter? From conception, he is a person. Why do we think a woman’s right are more important than a baby’s rights – just because she is bigger, stronger, more developed and able to think for herself? How arrogant of us to think our rights are more important than another human being’s most basic right to life.

The right to life is the most important right in this world to protect. If that’s not worth protecting, what is?



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