Paint Swatches: now comes the fun part!

January has been a busy month at our new home and I think February is only going to be crazier. We still have the 1st week of March as our targeted move-in goal but there’s still so much to get done. The wallpaper is officially down, the counters, carpet and wood floors are picked out and the old ugly green shag carpet from 1980 is torn up. Now we are ready for my favorite part – picking out paint colors!

This is such a crucial step in creating a home because the right colors can do so much for a space. It takes a bit of vision and planning to think through an entire space and I’ve gone back and forth so many times on the direction I want to take the house because it’s literally a blank canvas. My last house had so much color in it – cranberry reds, burnt oranges, golds and greens. Pretty much every room was a different bright color and I loved it. It was fun, cheery, energetic and artsy. But it was extremely hard to switch things up when I got tired of a certain decor because it was too specific.

My goal with our new home is to use lots of soft neutrals and create a more zen, organic, peaceful vibe. I want every room to look and feel like it belongs to the same house while being strong enough to stand on its own. I think I have just enough pops of color to avoid being boring and drab but neutral enough to feel cozy and warm. I am also excited this time around to use eco-friendly non-VOCs paints – safe and healthy for a growing family!

Here’s where I am so far…thoughts?swatches


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