If you were born after 1973, consider yourself a survivor.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. And before you were born I consecrated you.” –Jeremiah 1:5

Today is a sad, devastating day.

As a direct result of the abhorrent, unconstitutional ruling by the Supreme Court in the Roe vs. Wade case 41 years ago today, 54 million innocent American lives have been killed in abortion mills across the nation. The all-powerful Supreme Court magically created these rights for women to choose how and when to kill their own babies while blatantly ignoring the most basic human right to life for every human. Planned Parenthood, an Obama-supported and government-funded organization, is accountable for 330,000 dead babies each year and are now endorsing POST-BIRTH abortion. Evil scum like Kermit Gosnell have been hacking away at women’s bodies for over 4 decades, resulting in damaged, scarred women and dead, mutilated babies across the nation. Politicians like Wendy Davis are up to their elbows in the blood of murdered children while climbing over their bodies to reach their glory on top of the political world. Abortion doctors have slayed more American lives than all our wars combined. 54 million people. Gone. Dead. Murdered.

These aren’t “judgements” but absolute truths.

It’s incredible to me that such a barbaric atrocity – one that can easily be placed in a category with genocide, the Holocaust, slavery, general crimes against humanity – is very much a thriving, billion dollar industry in such a “progressive, modern” country.

I am hugging my babies close today and thanking God for the biggest blessing in my life.

Yes, it’s a sad, devastating day indeed.

Some excellent reading for you…

A Must-Watch Video from “Jane Roe”


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