It’s the thought that counts.

How often have you heard this little phrase? I find it quite appropriate when talking about simple things that go wrong or don’t quite turn out the way you plan…like homemade gifts, trying out a new recipe, planning a party or a surprise for someone. You know, small gestures in life.

But when it comes to big, major “real life” things, this doesn’t quite cut it for me. It’s easy for us to believe something and keep it to ourselves – absolutely anyone can do that. It’s incredibly easy to think to yourself, “I believe this is wrong” and then carry on with our lives without ever really doing anything about that belief. This is pointless and empty without action because actions will always speak louder than words.

We are in the middle of this moral war in this country where darkness is quickly creeping in and I find it hard to stand by and not speak up for what is right and true. Our world is full of quiet watchers who are either too scared to speak up or don’t really care enough to take action…or even feel bullied or pressured to conform to the mainstream’s single way of thinking or be forever exiled. We are too incredibly worried about not being “offensive” and “nice” to people that we are compromising what is true.

Here’s the thing… just thinking something isn’t enough. It’s not. Just your thought alone doesn’t count anymore. We need to live it, every day. Jesus did NOT call us to be “nice” or “kind” to people. That’s pure fluff. More importantly, he wants us to walk in his way (which has always been highly “offensive” for non-believers) and in this world, that takes absolute guts. You most likely be called “judgmental” or even “close-minded” for your opinions but that is exactly what we are told to do – separate the sheep from the wolves and judge the sin as wrong, and not the actual sinner.

That how the Bible works. It acts as a moral guide book to provide us with rules on how to judge if something is right vs. wrong. That’s the entire point of it. Jesus even dumbs it down for us with his stories called Parables and there is always a judgement on the sins. It’s how we know how to live our lives. People take one or two verses completely out of context to support their attacks and plain out ignore the entire point of the rest of it.

This is the time where the thought really doesn’t count. Action does, every time.


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