The best way to celebrate a birthday is…

image…by celebrating the miracle life.

Today is my birthday and I spent the afternoon celebrating in the best way possible – at The Cleveland March for Life – standing up and being a voice for 54 million voiceless souls that will never see their own day of birth, let alone their first birthday. And giving thanks that today, my own mother chose life for me.

Over 500,000 pro-lifers will be gathering in Washington D.C. this week and today’s mini-gathering (there were maybe 100 of us) was small but mighty in heart. We gathered in Public Square outside of the Terminal Tower and had a beautiful prayer service and a couple of people spoke, including Ohio Congressman Lynch and State Representative Joyce. It was a powerful afternoon filled with hope and encouragement that prayer and action will bring about change in the future of America.

The best part of my time of our time downtown was how many people after the event asked me about my poster and shirt and what was going on in the square. It gave me opportunity to share our pro-life perspective and some scary facts about abortion across the country. One guy told me, just for the record, that he loves babies and is pro-life then proceeded to give me a high five. Total awesomeness.

Like I said…the best way to celebrate a birthday.

P.S. – I’m so excited, I just have to share…my husband got me the most perfect gift: a 5-week pottery wheel art class in Cleveland. I am constantly amazed by his thoughtfulness! Love.


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