Here’s the thing about “love”

We seemed to be rather focused on this thing called “self-love” and I do understand the value and importance of this, especially in a society that tells us we’re not good enough, thin enough, successful enough, rich or famous enough…but these are all superficial, surface-level insecurities. We need more people who truly appreciate who you are for your own uniqueness. Knowing you are exactly the way God intended you to be. Valuing your purpose for being here and knowing you are worth everything. Having the self-esteem and confidence to walk away and denounce mainstream temptations and stand up for your personal convictions.

BUT…there’s a very fine line to tread for many of us, as this self-love can quickly deteriorate into “love of self” – which is a dark place of desolate selfishness. This same society is so wrapped up in the me, me, me and it’s a toxic, destructive mentality to possess. We have become rude, selfish and ruthless. We avoid all undesirable consequences or responsibility for our own actions.  We want instant gratification without putting forth any real effort. We are increasingly unsympathetic and narcissistic.  Too much love of self.

Here’s the thing about love: love, in it’s very nature, is giving. It’s sacrificial. It’s unselfish and thoughtful. It’s forgiving and unending. It’s committed and sacred. Love is God. God is love.

People often use the cliche of – find someone who loves you for who you are. Or don’t let anyone change you. But that goes against the very nature of love. Love should change you. Real love does change you. We are never the same after we encounter love. It should challenge you and make you be a better person. It takes courage to change for love. To love unconditionally is our ultimate calling by Jesus and no one ever said it was an easy task to accomplish.

But…true sacrifice and generosity will reveal more about yourself than focusing “self-love” ever can.



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