Mindfulness: Renovating Our New Home

Mindfulness. Intentional living. This has been one of my main focuses when approaching the renovation of our new home but what exactly does this mean?


Right now in my life, living mindfully or intentionally is making decisions with purpose. Consuming with meaning. Living with love and passion. Being happy with the simple things that reflect who I am at this exact moment in time. Thinking a choice through carefully and having a reason for reaching the decision I did. Creating a space that has meaning and soul.

It can be so incredibly easy to get caught up in main stream consumerism in our disposable society. Buy, buy buy. I know because I was there just a few short years ago. I wanted the newest and shiniest of everything. When something breaks, throw it out and get a new one. We are encouraged to fill our homes and lives with meaningless clutter and yet it’s never enough. We are never satisfied. We are told we aren’t good enough or happy enough unless we have the latest and greatest.

Each morning we are born again.
What we do today is what matters most.

This has been the biggest change within myself over the past year as we have sold our house, moved into a small temporary space and are in the midst of renovating our new home. My husband and I are carefully talking through each decision and making choices that are not only good for our environment and our own health but that will also last us a lifetime.

As I am starting to decorate and fill up my house, I am doing so with purpose; I want nothing more than to avoid buying furniture and decor just to fill up the space. Instead, with a growing family, I have functionality and practicality in mind. My goal is to never buy anything that doesn’t meet a definable need or fulfill a goal of ours and this attitude has given me such a sense of freedom. It takes more research and time, but I know we are making calculated educated choices and it’s creating a unique space that mirrors our family and personal styles. We are searching to build an environment that actually works for my family, that’s cozy, comfortable and gives us a sense of peace and retreat.

It will be our haven and a place of love and mindfulness.

photo credit: mindfulness via photopin cc


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