Eco-Tip Tuesday: Live Intentionally

eco-tip-tuesdayTo close out the year and finish up our Eco-Tip Tuesday series, today’s earth-friendly tip is more reflective in nature: live intentionally. So many of these past tips are focused on making intentional decisions.

Using cloth napkins, bottling your own water, stop pre-heating the oven, washing clothes in cold water – it’s really the small things that seem so insignificant that compound and make a huge impact on protecting our natural resources and respecting our planet.

So I’d like to encourage all of us to live a life of purpose and make our decisions intentionally, even if it is a bit of an inconvenience or takes longer to accomplish something. Convenience usually equates to cutting corners, disposable parts and larger waste. Let us focus on thinking about what we are doing down to the smallest detail and know that our actions do make a difference!


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