Eco-Tip Tuesday: Reusble Gift Bags & Recycled Wrapping Paper

eco-tip-tuesday I am sure many of us are getting ready for a gift-wrapping marathon with Christmas just a week away but I want to encourage you to think twice about the rolls and rolls of wrapping paper you are inevitably going to use. We take time to wrap every present just to have them torn apart Christmas morning and mostly likely all that waste will end up in the garbage…and then our landfills.

Did you know that half of the paper America consumes in one year is used to wrap and decorate consumer products? Four million tons of this waste is attributed to wrapping paper, shopping and gift bags. With our forests disappearing at an alarming rate, this is something major to be concerned about!

Instead…turn towards reusable gift bags. I know I save every one that I get and have a bin I keep them in for future gifting and it’s so much quicker and easier to slip your gifts into a bag. Better yet, get creative and things of other ways to wrap your gifts – maybe in a basket or with a pashmina scarf or a cloth tablecloth – items that others can use in their house again! If every American family wrapped just three presents in re-used materials, it would save enough paper to cover nearly 50k football fields.

If you do want to use paper, I use a really great resource called Green Field Papers. They have a wonderful selection of recycled wrapping paper that is 100% recyclable, printed using soy inks and made in the U.S., along with great plantable gift tags. Sure, the paper may cost you a dollar or two more, but knowing the impact that this simple action made the decision to go green this Christmas an easy one!


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