Eco-Tip Tuesday: Don’t Pre-rinse Dishes

eco-tip-tuesday Growing up we never had a dishwasher – our very own two hands did all the dishes for a family of 7. So when I got married and moved into a brand new home, I was ecstatic and in kitchen heaven. I learned rather quickly that my husband is an adamant pre-rinse-the-dishes guy and somewhat of a dishwasher sergeant. I would clean up after dinner and not only did he take the dishes back out of the dishwasher to rinse them off, he’d reorganize the entire dishwasher to make the most use of the space – Tetras, anyone?

I’ve had people ask why he does that and note how much water we are wasting. And it’s true – so much wasted water went right down the drain when the dishwasher was going to do the same exact thing but in a more efficient and sanitized way.

Did you know that you can save up to 20 gallons of water each cycle by just putting your dishes through a normal wash cycle in the dishwasher without pre-rinsing them? Not only will this save you water but money and energy as well. Dishwashers are designed to do this dirty chore so just scrape the extra scraps off the plates and let the machine do its job. Make sure the large items are on the outside of the rack so they don’t block water and have all the dirty surfaces face inwards to get their cleanest.


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