Metal vs. Plastic Water Bottles

“AffirmWater is committed to getting you to drink more water from a safe vessel while protecting the environment and creating positive change in the world.”

affirm-waterIn pursuit of removing all the plastic from our lives completely, I recently got a new water bottle from AffirmWater that is made from metal, which is made from 100% leach-free, BPA FREE, 18/8 (#304) food-grade stainless steel.

Plastic vs. Metal

Even if a plastic water bottle is BPA-free, plastic contains chemical additives, some of which can leach out and may increase the risk of birth defects, developmental delays, and certain hormone related illnesses. Most people use their dishwasher to clean their plastic storage containers and washing plastic in warm water reduces the likelihood of chemical leaching.

Instead…stainless steel is recognized as one of the safest choices for water bottles because there is no leaching. Stainless Steel provides a safe, durable, lightweight, hygienic, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, dishwasher safe alternative to aluminum and plastic water bottles. And…not only are these water bottle healthier for my body and the environment, but they have really cute imprints on them!


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