Creativity is Contagious

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” –Albert Einstein

jobsI can’t speak for others, but my creativity directly correlates to the state of my well-being. If I’m overly tired, single mom-ing it, stressed out, not exercising or eating as I should, I find that I have very little room for inspiration. Instead I feel drained and on the brink of exhaustion – who doesn’t? But when I pay attention to myself and focus on taking care of my overall well-being, I have energy, ideas, motivation and creativity – all of my favorite things!

And…I have been in such a creative mood here lately and I know most of this energy is spurred from the recent purchase of our new house. It’s a house that is full of unique character but needs a ton of cosmetic work so my mind is going in over-drive planning every detail, colors, finishes, fabrics and patterns out.

I know much of this work will take time and money, but I’m getting anxious to just get started on things! Every time I spend time there, I am connecting more and more with it’s elements and letting it dictate the direction of my plans. It’s creating a vision for me that now I need to find the right pieces to bring it to fruition.

This is my dream project: I enjoy restoring things, particularly old furniture (and now an old house) to really enhance their natural features and bring out their full potential.  I see so much potential there and I LOVE a good project to get my hands on and really make it my own. I am trying to re-use so many pieces of furniture from the last house, so redoing them to fit into my new vision is a huge task in and of itself…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The best part is once we rip up the 1980s shag carpet and peel down the striped wallpaper, the house is a blank canvas and we can do anything we want with it, take it in any direction we wish to. There are so many possibilities with this and I love it!

P.S. – we were at the house this past week for the home inspection and on the way out, I got my first really good look at our front doors….aren’t they beautiful?? This house really does have so much charm and character!



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