Happy America Recycles Day!

RecyclingSignToday is November 15th, which means it’s America Recycles Day!

As an avid recycler (not a word), this is one of the easiest habits to pick up in your own home or place of work that makes such an immediate difference on our environment, landfills and the recycling industry. Seriously.  Recycling your home waste prevents it from ending up in incinerators, landfills or waste streams, all of which pollute our environment and natural resources.

You don’t have to be an expert or a “green fanatic” to start recycling. Dedicate one trash bin to your efforts and fill it up all week long with paper, cardboard, plastics and aluminum. The night before your garbage collection, empty the contents into a blue recycling bag and put out on your curb. Some garbage services even provide you with their own recycling container to make your life and this habit even easier to adopt. Done and done.

So why should you even care to start recycling?

3 Reasons to Start Recycling:

  1. Recycling is the easiest thing we all can do 365 days a year to save energy, conserve natural resources and create green jobs.
  2. Recycling is a multibillion dollar industry that employs millions of Americans and helps advance our clean energy economy.
  3. Our national recycling rate of 34 percent annually saves the energy equivalent of nearly 229 million barrels of crude oil or nearly 20 days of all U.S. oil imports. It also avoids greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing more than 36 million cars from the road each year.

So if this is something you haven’t tried in the past, make a commitment today to pick up this easy habit and stick with it. You really are making a difference. Happy Recycling!

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