A Place to Call Home

It was a busy but exciting couple of days for our family – we bought a house!

Environmental Impact of New Construction

Over the past 6 months or so, we seriously considered the option of building a home on land and had quotes out from a couple of builders and had looked at numerous properties but it felt like we were getting in over our heads and we had continued looking at pre-exisitng home too. We had been going back and forth between the options so many times it felt like I was becoming confused from the dizziness of it all. Ultimately, buying a pre-existing home and making it our own is what I had always envisioned in my head for where we’d end up. Updating a pre-existing home with sustainable bamboo flooring and recycled glass counters and painting with non-VOC paint were all things I was looking forward to updating, no matter where we ended up, to create the most eco-friendly home I can.

The environmental impact of new construction is something that heavily weighed on our decision. New construction requires a large amount of natural resources – wood, gravel, metals, oil, clay, gypsum and so many other materials. Digging into the earth for selfish reasons was something I had a hard time reconciling with and we wanted to build on land that most likely would have needed cleared of trees and underbrush that is no doubt plenty of wildlife’s natural habitats. None of this made me all-too happy to build new.

The Great Find

Friday night, my husband found this gorgeous home on a nice, private 1/2-acre piece of land in one of the smaller towns in our county. We quickly scheduled a showing for Saturday morning and I knew immediately that it was right for us. It felt like a “home” – a place for Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas morning and picnics on the patio and family movie nights.

Falling in love with it right away, we scheduled a second showing for the same day to bring along our second opinions. We contemplated all of our options and by Monday morning our decision was made and by Tuesday night, the buyer accepted our offer! It’s great how God works in our lives…our home closed at the end of October and our new home just popped up on the market around the same time. He quietly guides us through every curve and turn of the way. People often say, “Everything happens for a reason” and really that reason is God’s plan for our lives and I trust that he’ll put us where he wants us!

Our New Home

It’s a tudor-style exterior, which has been my absolute favorite since I was a little girl. There’s something magical and very storybook-ish about an old tudor home. It is filled with so much character and is a solid, study home that builders just don’t make anymore these days. The 1/2-acre of land has nice mature trees that is so quiet and private and has plenty of room for a big garden, landscaping ideas, a swing set and the kids’ outdoor toys and then some. It’ll give my kids the natural outdoor area to explore and have adventures that I was looking for.

But…the inside, oh the inside. While there are no major renovation projects, like knocking down walls or patching big holes (which I’m thankful for), it was built in the 80’s and I don’t believe one thing has been updated. Luckily, everything was so well-taken care of and is in pristine condition…just completely outdated. We are going to be spending lots of time tearing down the wallpaper that covers every single wall in the home and replacing green shag carpet. Painting the kitchen and getting my recycled glass countertops. Replacing green sinks and green toilets and painting all the walls and trim.

All the work will be completely worth in in about 4-6 months (my projections, my husband thinks more like 1-2 years…I’m too ambitious to wait that long :). It will be a journey that I’m sure you’ll hear and see more about, especially the before and after pictures. I just can’t wait to get a hold of the house and get my hands dirty!


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