Eco-Tip Tuesday: Wash laundry in cold water.

eco-tip-tuesdayWashing your laundry in hot water is one of the largest consumptions of energy and money in the average home. Almost 90% of energy used by your washing machine is just to heat the water…yikes, that’s a lot of energy!  Just making the switch from warm to cold water can save up to 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year – how amazing is the energy conservation with such a simple change?!

Unless it’s something very delicate or specific that requires warm water (or even dry cleaning), this is such an easy habit to start implementing into your laundry routine.  We have been doing this since since we’ve been married and our clothes always come out just as clean and fresh and we’ve never had one problem making this small change.

I always use the same detergent (Seventh Generation) and it’s worked beautifully but I’ve also heard there are cold-water detergents on the market that could work if you notice any problems!


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