My little artist for a day

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” –Albert Einstein

Feeling a bit couped up with the change in winter weather, we took my daughter to a paint-your-own-pottery place this weekend and she had such a great time – she’s been asking me all weekend when we can go back! The place was so creative and fun and was the perfect environment for kids (and adults). There were hundreds of white ceramic bisque options for her to choose from to paint and she decided on a tiny elephant figurine. I helped her pick out 4 glaze colors and a couple of paint brushes and just let her go at it.

She mixed colors, added water to the glazes, painted the same spot 5 different times, made quite a mess and painted everywhere – but it was great! I could tell she was in her element so I curbed the urge to try and micro-manage the situation because she’s two years old and isn’t exactly neat. And having a background in art, I know how quickly rules and and boundaries can squash inspiration and the last thing I wanted was to suck the fun right out of the day by being a neat freak. I wanted her to explore the paint, choose her own colors and ceramic and really embrace her creativity, no matter how crazy her elephant turned out. Because it was hers and it was a perfect masterpiece.


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