Chiropractor: Holistic Healthcare Alternative

adjustMy parents have been going to their chiropractor pretty much as long as I can remember. I even visited him a few sessions in high school with a volleyball shoulder injury and he was fantastic. Now that we have a growing family, I’ve been looking into healthcare alternatives to medical doctors and prescription drugs and their loyalty to this treatment path keeps reappearing in my research.

Believe me, I find nothing wrong with our pediatrician and I am fully aware there is a place and time to see her. But…if there are other noninvasive, natural ways to prevent illnesses, flu, colds and injuries, why not give them a shot first?

I’d rather save ourselves from all the drugs, chemicals and doctor bills when there are holistic methods that can be done to reach the same end: a healthy, vibrant life!

The Science Behind It

Essential oils and flu shot smoothies are usually my  first go-to natural treatments for anything that can spring up at home – a low-grade fever, a stuffy nose, a bee sting, muscle pains or just improving our general well-being and mental health. But I’ve been looking for alternatives for more serious situations for us to stay healthy, especially with the start of flu season upon us.

As it was explained to me, our spinal cord and nervous system is the center of our body and controls the communication to the nerves that connect to all the major parts of our bodies: our muscles, intestines, sinus cavities, ear canals, brains, lungs, etc. When something is out of wack in our spine, it pushes on the nerves for very specific areas of our bodies and getting adjusted when needed keeps everything in place and functioning properly.

There is an enormous amount of stress placed on a baby’s spine during the birthing process and a child’s spine is exposed to all sorts of bumps, falls, strains and stresses. Rather taking these spinal stresses with them into adulthood…just getting adjustments twice a year is a great way to be proactive about their health to prevent ear infections, poor sleep, colic, asthma, headaches, sore throats, swollen glands, upper respiratory infections, digestive problems and other common illnesses in our children. And a child’s body is so elastic and quick-to-heal that it just takes a few gentle adjustments to get everything back in order.

Finding the Right Fit

With my daughter having 3 ear infections over the last year and both my kids are still fighting head colds from two weeks ago…I decided to schedule adjustments for them this afternoon with Dr. Poyle from Avon Lake Wellness Center who specializes in family wellness and preventative care. As a wellness center, they offer chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional services and strengthening programs – a wide variety of comprehensive healthcare alternatives that I can’t wait to get more into.

Finding a great healthcare provider is never an easy thing to do because you never really know how they are going to turn out just by their website – but I highly recommend Dr. Poyle! He was so gentle with my kids and I already scheduled myself an adjustment for next week.

It was evident his entire practice is about overall family wellness in a natural, holistic way and that is so important to me. It wasn’t just about cracking our backs up or getting x-ray taken or treating generic back problems. I could tell he really cared about my specific problems, my concerns for my family and creating an environment we are all comfortable in.

AND…he told me never to get the flu shot, which scored major bonus points in my book 🙂

I am looking forward to learning and sharing more about this journey and would love to hear from you about your experiences below!


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