Benefits of Simplifying Your Life

“Everything we possess that is not necessary for life or happiness becomes a burden, and scarcely a day passes that we do not add to it.”
–Robert Brault

It’s always nice to remind myself of the benefits of simple living every once in a while.  When it seems impossible to part with my beloved belongings, having a heart of gratitude for what I do have has helped me maintain some perspective on the materialistic world. And I always like to think…if you are able to read this article, consider yourself blessed because more than likely you have more than the majority of people in the world.

6 Ways Simplifying Life Can Benefit You:

SIMPLIGY#1 – It’s less expensive and less debt. Credit card debt is out of this world in America and many people live paycheck to paycheck. Money, or the lack thereof, is one of the top stressors in life and buying less equates to spending less money and accumulating less debt. Who wouldn’t want that?! There is no need to keep up with the latest trends or fit in. And without this standard of buy, buy buy, there is no “keeping up with the Jones” when you decide to live simply.

#2 – It’s less cleaning and maintaining. Owning fewer possessions requires much less of our time. It’s much easier to keep things organized and clean when you have just what you need. You aren’t a slave to your possessions or space and you don’t see your basement or closets filling up slowing with new items. There’s less space to clean, less possession to take care of and less money to maintain your things.

#3 – Life is more enjoyable and peaceful. Without so much stuff in the way, there’s a freedom in not being controlled by materialistic things. There’s joy in not caring if you drive a fancy Mercedes or a trusty Ford or if you’re wearing Gucci or Goodwill. Being happy and grateful for what you do have can create a peace inside, knowing that your life is focused on really living it to the fullest.

#4 – There’s more room for loved ones. Family, friends and loved ones are really everything and relationships are what matter most in life. We are put on this earth to love one another and put others’ needs before our own. Learning to serve other people, we can fully appreciate everything we have. Love is worth everything and we are more available to spend our time and energy creating valuable, lasting relationships that really mean something.

#5 – There’s more time for creativity and doing the things that give you joy. Because we aren’t a slave to our debt, possessions and materialistic things, we have the resources, both internally and externally, to enjoy things that truly make us happy. Being less stressed and in a calm, peaceful place in my life, I find creativity comes much more naturally and freely. Whether it’s traveling, art classes, learning Spanish or taking up the guitar, this open space in your life gives you an opportunity to cross things off your to-do list and really enhance and color your life.

#6 – It’s more sustainable and easier on our environment. Buying less equals consuming less. Consuming less conserves our natural resources from all corners of the earth. The amount of water, oil and resources it takes to produce a single item of clothing is astounding and reducing our consumption is the quickest and easiest way to make a huge impact on our individual carbon footprint. There are also natural, organic, Fair Trade methods to cleaning, shopping and consuming you can patronize that benefit businesses, farmers and artisans trying to protect the earth.


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