Creating a Sustainable Home

My husband and I are starting to figure things out these past few weeks. Besides packing and moving things out, we lined up a place to temporarily live and we’re making decisions about a new home for our family.  Besides trying to live on 1-2 acres of land, we have a very specific vision in mind for our new home.

We (mostly me) want to keep it as energy-efficient and eco-friendly as our budget will allow us.  As we are looking at items for our new home, such as counters, flooring, energy, etc., simple & sustainable living is my main focus and goal. We’ve already made a couple of decisions on some of the major items we want to use in our future home and I couldn’t be more excited the shape our new home is taking!

Energy Efficient

panelsThis is starting off with updating to highest energy efficient furnace, insulation, windows and water heater – all of which make a HUGE difference on conserving energy in our home and lowering our utility bills. We’ve done some research and have future plans for installing geo-thermal heating and renting solar panels for our home to further reduce our carbon footprint, but these may have to wait until 2015 to tackle.

Sustainable Bamboo

bambooWe chose a very nice bamboo wood floor that will go throughout the main parts of our house. I love bamboo. It’s not only fast-growing but requires very little water to flourish, making it sustainable and long-lasting in our home. As oppose to carpet that wears down, needs replaced every 5-10 years, gets thrown into landfills around the country and contains and traps so many toxins, dust and particles in it, bamboo is easy to clean, a fast-growing grass that produces new shoots without the need for replanting and is actually twice as hard as Oak.

Recycled Glass Counters

countersThen we starting doing our work on the kitchen counter tops and I want recycled glass counters. Not only do they used recycled glass bottles in it’s content, many of the manufacturers boast awesome environmental business policies for production.  I love knowing that making updates to a home can be done in an eco-friendly fashion and still look so great and lasts a lifetime.

But…I kid you not…this is a real conversation I had with a contractor this past week about our counters. For real.

Me, curious how “green” a product was: “So how sustainable are these quartz counter tops?”
Contractor, proudly: “Oh, these are completely stain-resistant. You will never stain them.”
Me, completely dumfounded by his response: “But would you say these are eco-friendly?”
Contractor, like I’m an idiot: “Of course they’re eco-friendly, they are mined right from the earth.”

Oh brother.


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