Green spaces can make our city great.

I love this infographic from Nature Sacred that depicts that great benefits nature has our overall health and well-being. As deforestation and environmental issues are taking over our great outdoors, green spaces and nature are becoming increasingly important now more than ever. Everyone needs natures because it heals and unifies us and more green spaces means happier, healthier and safer people – who wouldn’t want that?!

Here are a few highlights:

  • Children who played in a windowless indoor setting had significantly more severe ADHD symptoms than those that played in grassy, outdoor spaces with trees.
  • 71% of people were less depressed after going on an outdoor walk.
  • Trees add 3-15% to home values. In new construction, retaining trees has a similar effect.
  • Americans spend 95% of their day indoors and 8-18 year olds spend 67% of their day connected to electronic media.
  • Studies report significant decreases in crime when trees and parks are near public housing.
  • There is a 25% decrease in domestic aggression and violence for public housing residents with nearby trees and natural landscapes.


Source: Nature Sacred


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