Exciting news about our house!

My husband and I received such great news this week…OUR HOUSE SOLD!

houseWe had a house showing booked for Tuesday evening at 7pm so we scrubbed down every surface to make it sparkle then relocated to my parents house for the evening. We really didn’t think much of this showing – we’ve had maybe 15 showings with just 2 second showings and then 2 open houses over the last 90 days and nothing has come of it. So we learned not to get our hopes up.

We were driving home around 8:30pm and I received a text from my realtor that the couple was writing us an offer that night! After only one showing. Holy smokes.

Apparently they are from out-of-town and another home offer they made in the area had fallen through so they were in a hurry to get something secured. We received their offer by 9:30 that evening and after a couple of negotiations, we had a deal made by 11pm!

It took exactly 4 hours for this all to go down and neither of us were prepared. We didn’t even sleep on the decision. I think my husband and I both went to bed Tuesday night stunned. We laid there thinking, did that just happen?? I know 90 days isn’t forever for a home to be on the market (see my previous post about Major Life Decisions >>), but I’m not sure either of us honestly thought our home would actually sell – and at such a great offer. We knew we wouldn’t do any better than that and it was something we couldn’t not pass up.


We woke up the next morning feeling all kinds of things – panic whether we made the right decision, overwhelmed for everything we need to do to move, anxious for the unknown, relieved that the selling process is over, excited for the next phase of our lives and obviously, we were sad. We are really going to miss this house. My husband and I built this home together 5 years ago right before we got married and it was ours. It’s the only place that we’ve known together. We’ve had kids here, holiday meals with our families, movie nights, picnics and parties. It’s been a place of comfort, love and happiness. So. Many. Memories.

But, in the end…it’s just a house. I can hardly call it my “dream” home and that yard is what gets me.¬† And we live in a cookie-cutter development that couldn’t be farther from what I’m looking for to provide my family. We have been researching and talking about moving for almost 2 years already and I cannot believe it’s finally time. So I couldn’t be more excited for what’s next. Which is…we have no idea!

What’s Next for Us

What we do know is we need to be out of there by the end of October and we haven’t found anything even close to our “forever” home. So we are furiously lining up a rental home and storage space and just focusing the next 4 weeks on moving out. It doesn’t help that I’m being extremely picky and particular for what we’re looking for in a new home because we aren’t moving just to move. I have very specific requirements for our new place and we’ve seen about 40 homes in the area and nothing is sticking with us.

So we are trying very hard to not freak out. As always, I am reminded that God has a plan, even for this newest adventure. He pays attention to every detail of our lives, and I know he’ll put us exactly where he wants us. He leaves nothing up to chance and does nothing by accident so even though having no where to live next month with two young kids is frightening, I’m trusting that he knows best. God is good!


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