4 Ways to Bring Nature into Everyday Life

We are all busy people, there’s no way around this fact. So how can we infuse bits of the natural world into our lives to reap its enriching benefits when it doesn’t seem possible to fit one more activity into our schedules? Well, here are just a few simple ways to make it a habit on a daily basis.

4 easy ways to bring the natural world into your daily life:

walk2#1 – Go outside during your lunch break. Spend 15 minutes away from your desk and take a walk outside, even if it’s freezing out. Better yet, take your lunch to a nearby bench or park and enjoying a picnic outside. This time is already set aside in your day as “yours” so take advantage of this. Nothing is better for mental clarity than being outside. The fresh air, sunshine and break away from work will energize and refocus you for an afternoon of productive work.

walking3#2 – Do (at least) one outdoor activity a day (with your kids, if you have them). Having this goal, it forces both you and your kids to go outside and explore. Look for bugs, go on a scavenger hunt, walk in the woods, make leaf art, dig in the dirt, collect treasures, look for birds, splash in a puddle…keep it simple with no hard or fast rules. Let your kids and their imaginations lead the natural play time. Have no concern with the time, your phone, staying clean or “doing it right” – there’s no wrong to explore and play!

plants#3 – Surround yourself with indoor plants. The easiest way to be amongst greenery is to bring it to where you are – your work desk or your home. There are so many wonderful plants that thrive indoors and offer natural purification and cleansing of your breathing air. Check out the clearance racks at the home improvement stores – I once got a jade plant for $1.00 because it was starting to wilt and I was able to bring it back to life. Luckily my husband works at a greenhouse and he brings all kinds of samples home to me so my house looks like it’s own little greenhouse itself. Be sure to keep tabs on the proper amount of watering and sunlight to keep them green and healthy!

herbs#4 – Plant a garden. There’s no better feeling than digging your hands into the dirt but planting a garden may be intimidating for some. So start small. Begin with a container garden with just a few easy-to-grow crops to build up your green thumb confidence. Research plants that do well in your climate zone to ensure a successful crop. Spend 10 minutes a day getting your hands dirty by weeding, pruning and watering it…and reaping the benefits!  Look up recipes and get excited about cooking and eating your own produce.


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