Garbage Day Distress

Hello friends, happy Friday!

Those who know me well should already know this….but I want to start by saying this post does not come from a place of judgement but rather from a place of great passion and responsibility.

Yesterday was garbage pick-up day in our neighborhood and as I was transporting our one bag of garbage to the curb, I couldn’t help but notice the monstrosity of items on one of our neighbor’s tree lawn (who will remain nameless).  As my kids and I went on our morning walk and strolled past their garbage, I was literally brought to a halt as I stared at what they put out. So. Much. Stuff.

All going into a landfill somewhere not too far away. Stuff that should have been recycled or donated. Stuff people pay money for. Besides over 7 bags of regular trash, included in their garbage, but not limited to, was…

Recyclables: multiple beer/pop cardboard cartons, boxes and packaging, stacks of newspapers, plastic bags and magazines

Donate Items: barbie dolls, a kid’s golf set, a yoga mat, a baseball bat, a couple of balls, a patio table, a never-used roll of wrapping paper, a t.v.,

And this was what I could only see from just walking by.  At first I was just plain angry. Didn’t they realize the consequences of their actions (see previous post Trashed)??  To me, it felt like pure laziness (see previous post Zero Waste Family), but as my husband gently pointed out, maybe they just don’t know any better. Maybe they don’t understand how easy recycling is and how great donating unwanted toys and items is for our environment and helping the thrift industry. As he so eloquently put it, not everyone is as obsessed with the environment as I am.

That got me thinking how incredibly important environmental-based work, awareness and education are to our communities. Now more than ever spreading awareness, educating our neighbors, being vocal advocates is so crucial to getting people on board in a unified effort to protect our earth. It’s about responsibility. People who have a passion for protecting our environment have a responsibility, not only to our own children, but to all those who really don’t know any better or understand the affects of our actions, to do something to change our current lifestyles and what’s considered normal and acceptable in our society.

On a side note – garbage collections like this should simply not be allowed. Our garbage services should have tight, strict guidelines on the quantity and content of what is allowed to be collected weekly and buried into our precious landfills. Fines should be issued for collections like this and people would definitely think twice about what they put on their curb,

Let us not despair or lose hope – this is a something worth our time and energy! Thanks for stopping by and reading today.

Much love,



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