Happy (unofficial) Start to Fall!

September has always been the “unofficial” start to fall for me. School is back in full swing, the days have gotten shorter and the nights are showing the first signs of the crisp, cool autumn air that is my favorite. I think September is literally my favorite month of the year. There is enough cool days mixed with warm summer days in the month and there is so much to look forward to: football season (my favorite sport to watch), cozy sweaters, fall boots and warm spicy drinks…and then the holidays!

Before looking ahead to a new season filled with lots of exciting adventures, it’s always nice to take a look back on a busy summer with my little family filled with some memorable milestones:

  • We potty trained my daughter Hallelujah, the dreaded task is done! She has been trained for over 3 weeks now and is doing SO awesome, as I knew she would. She is just so intelligent and wise and compassionate…and I knew she’d catch right on. We haven’t had a single nap/bedtime accident and we are starting to venture out of the house into the great big world. I cannot sing her praises enough.
  • My son is on the move –  At 8-months, I have been comparing my son to all the major milestones of my daughter (who has always seemed advanced) and feared he was so far behind her. But…these past 3 weeks he has literally taken off! Climbing stairs, eating cereal, standing up, he is on the move and there’s no turning back now. And he is just such a happy baby.
  • We are moving – our house has been on the market all summer and at first, it was really hot. We thought, man we’re going to be moving the first week it’s on the market! But things quieted down and now they’re pretty silent. We did have a couple view it this weekend and it sounds slightly promising, so say a prayer! We still haven’t found “our home” and nothing on the market right now is catching our eye. What a confusing, impatient process.
  • Traveling & Exploring – A week in Miami for my family was a nice, beachy getaway, although not my ideal location. My daughter was so excited to go on an airplane and she could have been happy swimming the entire vacation. Then we spent a weekend in Columbus exploring the city and we are making a trip to Washington D.C. next month to visit my oldest friend and cheer on my sister, who is running the Marine Corp marathon. I am enjoying the fact my kids are just a bit older and more mobile for weekend adventures. We did some local things here in northeast Ohio like the zoo, the nature center, exploring our metroparks and farm markets and visiting the aquarium.
  • Babies – Two of my dearest friends had babies this past month and I love nothing more than a sweet, peaceful newborn.  I enjoyed hearing their stories and experiencing their pregnancies over the past 9 months and I cannot help but reminiscence on my own. I am looking forward to watching their babies grow and to have play dates for my kiddos. It’s always the perfect reminder how great our God is and how truly precious the miracle of life can be. It almost makes me want a third…I said almost!
  • Love – My husband and I celebrated or 5th year wedding anniversary, and while we usually don’t make a huge deal out of our anniversaries, it was nice to go downtown and see The Lion King and go out to dinner, sans our babies. Next month also marks our 10 year anniversary of being together – craziness how quickly time flies by!!









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