greenroomI enjoy trying new eco-friendly products and I love seeing them in mainstream stores where millions of people shop daily. We have a Target literally right in front of our development, which means any time I run up there to get baby wipes or some milk, I come out spending over $50 on cute, stylish items I had no intention of purchasing, a habit that needs to stop. Yesterday I came across the cutest line of planners, notebooks, stationary, binders and journals called “Greenroom” (check out their website).

Besides the vintage, girly and chic patterns, what I love is their efforts to create stylish and functional eco-stationary, boasting recycled paper, sustainable resources and one of the first eco-friendly lines in the marketplace. Greenroom embodies the deep connection to nature and the fresh and contemporary feel of California style, where the founder grew up. I am such a stationary junkie and I love that I can get it all in an earth-happy way (I already own a notebook and a journal)!

Behind the Name in surfing, the greenroom is that perfect space inside a wave created when the water completely encircles you. For a matter of seconds you’ve found that blissful state where human effort and nature come together in a sublime moment of beauty.

I’m digging the vibes!



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