The Lion King

lionMy husband and I had our 5 Year wedding anniversary last week and I forgot to mention that we celebrated by going to see “The Lion King” musical at Playhouse Square downtown Cleveland! When we got married, we debated on our honeymoon between Italy and Hawaii and we decided on a villa in Italy. At the time we said that we’d vacation in Hawaii for our 5 year anniversary, but 2 kids later it seems a bit unrealistic with a 2-year old and a 7 months old to get up and vacation clear across the country…and actually enjoy ourselves.

So we stayed home and splurged on really great seats for “The Lion King” and a nice dinner out. I knew right then that my husband really does love me because he despised musicals. Like, cannot stand any part of them. While I can’t claim to be obsessed with them, I do enjoy a really good one every now and then and the last time I had been to see a musical live downtown was to see “Gypsy” back in high school at the State Theater so it had been some time.

One thing I did have going in my favor is that “The Lion King” was the IT Disney movie from our childhood. I think it came out when we were in 4th grade and I was in love with it. So my husband and I knew the script pretty much line for line and song for song, so the familiarity of it made it that much better for him. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy seeing their favorite Disney movie live in the flesh?

We went on closing weekend after the musical spent all summer in Cleveland and there was so much energy in the show! It could not have been better casted and the costumes and sets were just so colorful and vibrant. Parts of the show animals were dancing in the aisles and the stilted giraffes were awesome. The 3 hyenas were so funny and spot-on and I loved the dancing throughout the whole show. Rafikki was my favorite character – she had an amazing voice and energy and was a perfect fit for the part. There were just a couple of new scenes and songs, which I’m guessing were in the original script but didn’t make the movie cut. It was an incredible, incredible show and the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary!


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